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Customers from Nigeria

From: Michael Bo
Time: 2015-08-27

        We are very glad that our Customers from Nigeria come to visit us this month!

        Mr. Chris, our old customer and old friend, it is the fourth time he visit us.

        Mr. Jacob, the customer introduced by Mr. Chris, it is the first time he come to China, he visit us for the Nail Making Machine and Annealing Furnace.

        They visited our Nail Making Machine factory on Aug. 19th, Wire Drawing Machine and Annealing Furnace factory on Aug. 20th.


        Mr. Jacob is very satisfied with our machines;we discussed and confirmed the Technical part and Commercial part about the order on Aug 20th. We signed the contract and Mr. Jacob paid us US$15000.00 as down payment the same day.


        Before they leave, Miss Summer accompany them to visit the West Lake, they are very enjoy the beautiful view.


        By the way, they also very enjoy the Chinese food every day.


        Thanks for the trust from each customer of ours, we must supply the best quality machine and service all the time.

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