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Customers from Bangladesh

From: Jet Wan
Time: 2016-01-11

        Last Friday, our Bangladesh customers paid a visit to our nail making factory. They are big company with several large factory in Bangladesh mainly deal with jute business which products has been sold to 81 countries. They also have some hardware business like nail wholesaling which is mainly imported from China. But due to the high import duty, they made the decision to manufacture nails by themselves.

        In our factory, we showed them different machines running including common nail, coiling nail, twisting Nail Making Machine etc. as they want to start from these nails manufacturing. We talked delightly in Wire Drawing Line, Nail Making, Screw Making and will offer them our latest quotation soon before their leave China.

        We will then wait for their finalization and believe will get favorable news soon for that customer praise our machines among the best quality one after check machines on the spot.


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