Hangzhou Candid I/E Co., Ltd.

Installation and Commissioning of Indian Customer Gabion Machine

From: Alex Chen
Time: 2016-02-04

        We dispatched our project manager and gabion machine engineer to India complete installation and commissioning of two sets Gabion Machine meanwhile gain recognition by our customers.

        While we did the Wire PVC Coating Line, the main machine worked very well and wire in extremely in the centre, however the drawing machine can not be adjust in correct speed and match the whole line, our gabion machine engineer did his most, but he can’t work out.

        So we decide to send our project manager and one professional PVC coating engineer again to solve this problem, our side will take all cost this time.Due to Chinese New Year everybody back home with their families, our departure time will be around 18th Feb 2016.

        We will be responsible for every customer, and be sure all CANDID machines working successful.


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