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Outdoor real cs activity

publisher: Ramos
Time: 2016-05-05

    On Apr. 22nd, we whole company went to outdoor expanding training base to take part in paintball real CS. The gun is like a real gun which weight about 2.5kg.Its cylinder is full of cooling carbon dioxide and is driven by pneumatic force.While the gun shoot on the body will cause painful feeling.So we couldn't shoot anyone within ten meters.The paintball is full of pigment.Shooting on the body will leave colorful mark. 

     The first game, one group is offensive team and the other group is defensive team. After ten minutes fighting, offensive team won the game. Next game was more exciting, without other protection cover all the members just stand behind the single tree and fire to the enemies. All members showed their courage and skills. Then comes to the third game, each group should not only catch the flag on the other side also need to protect own flag well. Finally with perfect tactics, green team took the flag. The real CS showed our energetic side and strengthened our teamwork spirit.This is really a happy and memorable experience.

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