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Participating in the Tender in Taskent

publisher: Michael
Time: 2016-08-15

   From August 5th to August 10th, our team which composed by chief executive officer Mr Zheng Jiangwei, project manager Mr Michael Bo and bidder representative Ms Lu Xuhong who is from Zhejiang Machinery and Equipments Imp and Exp Co. Ltd went to Tashkent, Ubekistan to participate in the Tender for supplying the completed design and equipments of manufacturing the steel rope, capacity is 5000 tons per year.

The complete steel rope production line includes the straight line wire drawing machine,  Water tank wire drawing machine, Austenitization Annealing furnace,  hot-dip galvanizing line and  wire strander, we are just professional in this field so our company has firm determination to participating in this Tender.

  Due to the final tender should be submit by both English and Russian version, so we planed to be Taskent 4 days before the deadline to translate the English to Russian with the complete English version.

  We employed the local translating company to translate the documents from English to Russian, and at the same time we kept communicating with our design and technical team in China to complete and modify the proposal to be better all the time.

  After four days work almost without sleep, we accomplished the 400 pages satisfied tender proposal and submitted to the tender company at 17:00 August 9th.

  After that, we also met some of our friends and customers in Taskent,both of us enjoyed the meeting time, it is not only the business, but also friendship!

  Then we attended the tender opening meeting on August 10th and knew our competitors are from Italy, USA, China Taiwan and any company also from China mainland.

   It is a special and great experience for our team and our company to participated in this tender, whatever we win this bid or not, CANDID always consider for the customers and work with them together!

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